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"Táto kniha má obrovskú vysvetľujúcu silu. Môže oslobodiť vašu myseľ."
Jeffrey Tucker, executive editor of Laissez Faire Books

Speaking engagements

"His talk was brilliant. In a calm, very easy-going manner he explained why democracy never delivers what it promises, and why it in the end always turns out to be “soft socialism”. I have to admire how he can make such an extremely controversial topic feel like just an everyday conversation."

A member of the audience in Stockholm (source)
Frank Karsten is an experienced speaker that likes to present his case in an interactive, humorous and compelling way. Below are some images of future and previous engagements.

If you want to book Frank Karsten for a lecture, an interview or a debate please email to frank@beyonddemocracy.net.

August 2018, Liberty International, Krakow, Poland

Jan 21st 2017, Libertarian Party UK, London

Aug 27th 2016, Liberland Conference, Novi Sad

Sept 22nd 2015, Maastricht Students For Liberty, Maastricht

August 20th 2015, Forum voor Democratie, Amsterdam

July 8th 2015, Bitcoinconference, Amsterdam

November 22nd 2014, ESFL Belgrade, Serbia

August 28-31 2014, ISIL, Tirana, Albania

December 21th 2013, Nacht van het Debat, Rotterdam, Netherlands

November 30th 2013, Interlibertarians, Lugano, Switzerland

Frank Karsten

October 25th 2013, Modelhof, Müllheim, Switzerland (in German)

Frank Karsten

August 22nd-25th 2013, Liberty Conference Lausanne

Frank Karsten

June 29th 2013, INSEAD Fontainebleau

Frank Karsten

June 28th 2013, Institut Coppet, Paris

Frank Karsten

Warsaw, Asbiro Seminar. May 19th 2013

Frank Karsten

Stockholm Freedomfest. May 11th 2013

Frank Karsten

Amsterdam, Libertarian Party. February 19th 2013

Frank Karsten

Rotterdam, Arminius Denkcafé. February 22nd 2012

Frank Karsten
Frank Karsten